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“De-globalization” Already Happened And It Didn’t Matter



Election 2020

  • Sector Views: Health Care vs. the 2020 Election


    The outcome has the potential to affect various sectors, but possibly none as much as Health Care.

  • Global Impact of a “Blue Wave” Election Outcome


    The potential economic and market impacts a “Blue Wave” for the U.S. election could have on five key areas: taxes, labor, the environment, oil and trade.

  • 3 Reasons to Expect Election Result Delays


    Why investors shouldn’t expect to know election outcomes on November 3.

Market commentary

  • Sentiment Telling Divergent Stories


    Investor sentiment is telling a mixed story about the market’s ascent since the March low; begging the question, will the skeptics converge with the optimists?

  • Do Bonds Still Provide Diversification?


    Given current low yields, some investors wonder whether bonds can continue to provide diversification in a portfolio. Here’s why those fears may be overblown.

  • Why to Consider a Roth IRA Conversion Now


    Several factors may make it worthwhile to convert all or part of a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA in 2020, depending on your circumstances. 

Timely strategies

Planning & investing

Planning & investing

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Reap the Benefits of Tax-Loss Harvesting to Lower Your Tax Bill

Tax-loss harvesting—offsetting capital gains with capital losses—can lower your tax bill and better position your portfolio going forward.

Near or in retirement

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Waiting to Save for Retirement Could Cost You

When it comes to saving for retirement, the clock is ticking.


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Schwab Market Perspective: Turning to Earnings Season

Actual third-quarter earnings may be less important than what business leaders say about their expectations.

Your frequently asked questions about volatility

Your questions about volatility

Will the Federal Reserve and government stimulus spending eventually lead to inflation?
How can I take advantage of market volatility as a trading opportunity?
I'm retired. Can I skip taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) this year?

Concerned about how recent market volatility may affect your investments?