Market volatility

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What to Watch as the Election Approaches


Expert analysis

  • WashingtonWise Investor: Voting in the Time of COVID


    With four months until Election Day, states are facing real challenges to ensure that everyone who wants to vote can, that they can do it safely, and that the process is secure. Are they up to the challenge?

  • Will Preferred Stock Dividends Be Suspended?


    We can’t rule it out completely, but we believe the risk is low.

  • Making Sense of the Market (and Where We Can’t)


    In order to help try to make sense of it all, let’s take a look at where the stock market makes sense right now and where it doesn’t.

Your frequently asked questions about volatility

  • What could the economic recovery look like?

    The paths of economic recoveries often resemble letters of the alphabet. Here’s a look at some common and some unusual shapes.

  • Changing risk tolerance

    Can I change my risk tolerance and time horizon?

    If you want to change your risk tolerance and time horizon, it’s important that they’re adjusted for the right reasons.

Your questions about volatility

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Concerned about how recent market volatility may affect your investments?