Make your portfolio more tax efficient.

Looking to become a tax-smart investor? Schwab can help. We believe that thoughtful tax planning can lead to improvements in after-tax returns of your portfolio. Our approach includes three key phases.

Phase 1

Investing tax efficiently.

In your taxable account, there are two primary ways you can reduce your tax burden. The first is tax-loss harvesting Tooltip 1. The second is investing in products that lower your tax burden. Schwab can help you with both.

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Phase 2

Take money out tax efficiently.

As you withdraw money from your portfolio, different assets and account types may have different tax consequences Tooltip . What you choose to withdraw matters. We can help with solutions to identify smarter ways to minimize your tax burden.  


Save tax efficiently.

When investing for retirement, maximizing contributions to tax-deferred accounts, such as a Traditional IRA,2 is an important tax strategy since gains are tax-deferred until you withdraw assets.1 Learn more about the tax benefits of an IRA. Schwab offers multiple IRAs to meet your retirement goals while minimizing tax implications.

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