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Fixed Income Outlook: Bonds Are Back

We see opportunities in 2023 for the bond market to provide attractive yields at lower risk than we've seen for several years.

Bond Prices Down? This Could Reduce the Sting

Given the drop in bond prices, tax-loss harvesting may allow you to save on taxes while positioning your portfolio for the future.

Investing for High Inflation and Slow Growth

High inflation and slow economic growth are a problem for investors. Here's how to shore up your portfolio.

Beware Taxes on Discounted Munis

Discounted municipal bonds could expose you to unexpected taxes. Here's what to know before you buy.

What a Strong U.S. Dollar May Mean for Investors

Should you adjust your portfolio in response to a strong U.S. dollar?

What Are Bond Ladders?

Watch to learn how to use bond ladders to help lower interest rate risk and generate regular income.

After a Bad Year, Should You Still Own Bonds?

It's been a brutal year for fixed income, but that's not a reason to avoid bonds going forward. This year has been an anomaly and is unlikely to repeat, in our view.

Bond Strategies to Consider: Ladders and Barbells

Short-term bonds currently offer higher yields than longer-term ones, but there are risks in holding only short-term bonds. These strategies can help buffer the potential downside.

Inflation Is Up, So Why Are TIPS Returns Down?

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities can be a buffer against long-term inflation, but it's possible for TIPS price declines to outpace principal adjustment in the short term.

Markets to Fed: Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Volatility has spiked as markets react to concerns about the ability of the global economy to cope with sharply higher U.S. interest rates. If these trends continue, the Fed may end up slowing its pace of tightening—but not stopping it.