Opening Market Update

The second government estimate of Q3 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) showed even more economic vigor that quarter with an estimated annualized growth of 5.2%.

Closing Market Update

The major indexes ended mixed but still tracking for a strong month as declining Treasury yields encouraged investors with a critical inflation report looming.

The Truth About Corporate Stock Earnings Estimates

Companies often beat their stock earnings estimates. What gives—and how are traders to respond?

Schwab Market Perspective: Upside-Down

Lately bad news has been good news for the stock market, as investors look to the Federal Reserve to begin cutting rates earlier than previously expected.

Frequently Asked Questions from Investors

Kathy Jones and Liz Ann Sonders answer some of the most common questions from investors—and provide their weekly market outlook.

Identifying Head-and-Shoulders Patterns in Stock Charts

Identifying so-called head-and-shoulders patterns can be tricky.

Investing Basics: Mutual Funds

Mutual funds have been an investing staple for many investors because of the diversification they provide.

Our Philosophy and What Matters in the Markets

Kathy Jones and Liz Ann Sonders explain their investing philosophies and how they analyze market data.

How a Dividend Reinvestment Plan Works

A Dividend Reinvestment Plan, or DRIP, is the process of automatically reinvesting dividends into additional whole and fractional shares of a company's stock.

The Hidden Costs of Managing Your Own Money

There are costs—explicit and implicit—with managing a long-term investment portfolio yourself. Make sure you know what it takes in terms of time, interest, discipline, and expertise.