Opening Market Update

A global computer outage caused confusion and put major indexes in a holding pattern. Investors pondered Thursday's sell-off and earnings from Netflix and American Express.

Closing Market Update

Major indexes sank Friday as an IT outage hit global businesses, hurting tech stocks. The S&P 500 had its worst week in three months, and volatility surged ahead of tech earnings.

Schwab Market Perspective: Connecting the Pieces

Softening inflation supports the potential for a Federal Reserve interest rate cut in coming months, but there are complexities below the surface.

U.S. Economy: A Glass Half Full, Half Empty, or Both?

With tried-and-true economic indicators pointing in different directions, what should investors be watching to get a good read on the economy now and the near future?

Beyond Nvidia: How the AI Picture Could Evolve for Investors

Almost every industry could ultimately incorporate AI, leaving a puzzle for investors seeking exposure. Using the internet as an example may provide some breadcrumbs.

Sector Views: Monthly Stock Sector Outlook

Our outlook on the 11 S&P 500 equity sectors.

3 Strategies for Highly Appreciated Stocks

A stock that's experienced substantial growth can be a boon to your portfolio—but also can lead to overconcentration. Here's what to know about managing concentration risk.

Identifying Head-and-Shoulders Patterns in Stock Charts

Identifying so-called head-and-shoulders patterns can be tricky.

Getting a Slice: How IPO Shares Are Priced and Allotted

Most IPO shares typically go to institutional investors. Brokerages divvy up the rest to retail investors. Initial trading days can offer strong performance but can be volatile, and some IPOs tank.

How to Short Sell Stocks on

Short selling stock is a bearish strategy that allows investors to potentially profit when a stock price falls. Learn how to open and close short trades on