Learn about options trading, from how to place your first options trade to more advanced topics. Or explore other trading topics:

Getting Started with Options

This webcast is carefully structured to help new option traders along the leverage learning curve. Your education coach will introduce you to options terminology, clarify the common opportunities and risks, and explain the associated rights and obligations to help you become more confident with your understanding of options trading.

Today's Options Market Update

Stocks are modestly higher after a lower open in the face of rising treasury yields and a stronger U.S. Dollar.

Trading Covered Calls & Short Puts

In this webcast, your education coach will discuss how and when some options traders might employ the covered call strategy in their income portfolios. Expect a balanced education on the potential benefits and risks of this strategy, and explore the tools that can help you implement it.

Calculating Risk on Vertical Options Spreads

When trading vertical options spreads, the maximum risk and profit potential are defined and relatively straightforward to calculate. Here's how to assess the risk parameters.

Options Greeks: Gamma Explained

As stock options get closer to expiration, options prices can change quickly. Understanding options gamma could help traders better manage their stock options positions.

Straddles vs. Strangles Options Strategies

Options straddles and strangles are a way for advanced traders to get exposure to volatility. Learn more about straddle and strangle options strategies.