Learn about options trading, from how to place your first options trade to more advanced topics.

Today's Options Market Update

Stocks are selling off around midday, despite Nvidia's bullish earnings report, which appears to be driven by rising bond yields.

Weekly Trader's Outlook

Stocks are higher on the week, driven by evidence of some recent cooling in the labor market. Volatility could pick up next week as we'll get two key inflation data points and a read on the health of the consumer.

Trading Iron Condors Around Earnings | Tradecraft

Follow a trade consultant as she shows one way to set up and manage iron condors over an earnings report on the paperMoney® feature of the thinkorswim® platform.

Options Expiration: Definitions, a Checklist, & More

Managing options positions on expiration day requires an understanding of the process. Here's an overview of things you should know about options expiration.

Options Strategy: The Covered Call

Selling covered calls is a strategy that can help traders potentially make money if the stock price doesn't move. Learn how this strategy works.

What to Know About Trading Futures Options

When trading options, it's possible to trade futures as well as stocks. Learn the similarities and differences of trading options on futures versus stocks.

Intro to Put Ratio Options Spreads

Discover the advantages and risks of implementing an options put ratio spread strategy to help pursue your specific financial objectives.

Getting Started with Options

This webcast is carefully structured to help new option traders along the leverage learning curve. Your education coach will introduce you to options terminology, clarify the common opportunities and risks, and explain the associated rights and obligations to help you become more confident with your understanding of options trading. In this series kickoff webcast, we go back to the basics. What does it mean when a trader buys a call or a put? What is a trader committing to when they sell a call or put? What direction is the trader expecting the stock to go in? How much could a trader potentially make or lose? Is time working for the trader or against them?? We walked through and answered all of these questions and more. We also placed 3 example trades: a long call vertical, a short put and a long put. These example trades were placed on the thinkorswim paperMoney platform.

Theta Decay in Options Trading: Strategies to Know

Explore the concept of theta in options and discover three trading strategies focused on time decay, also referred to as theta decay.

Investing Basics: Options

Options are an alternative way to speculate on the performance of a security, such as a stock or ETF. Learn how options work and the risks associated with trading options.