Comparing Education Savings Accounts

You have a variety of choices when it comes to saving for your child's education: 529 plans, Coverdell ESAs, and custodial accounts. Let's review your choices.

Saving for College: 529 College Savings Plans

The 529 savings plan provides several tax advantages when used for education expenses.

Saving for College: Custodial Accounts

Custodial accounts may not offer the tax benefits of 529 plans, but they can be used to fund expenses that 529 plans don't cover.

Saving for College with a 529: 5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid

A 529 college savings plan offers many advantages, but it can come with some potential pitfalls. Here are five mistakes to avoid.

How Can You Save for College?

What financial tools and strategies are available to those planning for college expenses?

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for College Costs

These planning mistakes could potentially cost you thousands in lost student aid and raise your out-of-pocket expenses.

529-to-Roth IRA Rollovers: What to Know

The SECURE 2.0 Act allows savers to roll unused 529 funds into the beneficiary's Roth IRA without a tax penalty. But that's probably not a reason to overfund 529s.

Should You Save for Retirement or Pay Off Student Loans?

Just because you have student loans to pay off doesn't mean you should put investing on hold to do it—you don't have to prioritize one over the other.

Student Loan Payments are Back: 5 Ways to Prepare

Ready to face the return of student loan repayments? Conquer your budget by tracking expenses, cutting back on non-essentials, and balancing debt payment with retirement savings.

Using 529s for Multigenerational Education Planning

Under the right circumstances, a dynasty 529 college savings plan can fund your family's education for generations to come.