Equity Compensation

Learn about stock options, restricted stock, and employee stock purchase plans—all of which are types of non-cash compensation that companies offer employees to allow them to partake in ownership of their firm.

Why Overconcentration is Risky—and How to Avoid It

Overconcentration in a single stock—even your company's stock—is risky. Learn about overconcentration, how to avoid it, and what to consider before selling stock.

Managing Your Equity Compensation in a Down Market

Some equity compensation plans have protections built in to help you weather market downturns. If you're concerned about market volatility, here are a few strategies to consider.

Stock Plan Basics: Equity Compensation Explained

Stock options, restricted stock, and restricted stock units are different ways companies can reward their employees.

What Happens to My Equity Compensation If I Leave the Company?

Leaving your job might have an impact on your equity compensation. Learn what happens to vested and unvested equity after leaving a job and rules around exercising stock options.

4 Common Biases that Affect Financial Decisions

Psychological biases can have a strong influence on how we view and handle our money. We'll look at four biases that can impact how we manage our equity compensation.

What Should You Do with Your Employee Stock?

Whether it's stock options, restricted stock units, an employee stock purchase plan, or some other form of equity compensation, many companies offer this vital benefit to employees. But once you have it, what should you do with it?

Performance Stock: PSUs and PSAs

Learn about performance stock units (PSUs) and performance stock awards (PSAs), including how to enroll and how they may impact your taxes.

Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs)

Learn about stock appreciation rights (SARs), including how they work, how to participate, and how they may impact your taxes.

8 Things to Know about IPOs

What is an IPO? How does it work? If you have equity compensation, how will you be impacted? Learn what to expect during an initial public offering.

Equity Compensation—It's Not Just Fun Money

When your employer grants you shares of stock, it can feel like a bonus. But it's more than fun money; it's a chance to build your financial future if you manage it right.