Small Business

Understand how to choose which retirement plan fits your business, and money management tips for side gigs and freelance work. Or explore other financial planning topics:

How to Handle an Inherited Business

Inheriting a business can be a great honor—and potentially a great burden. Here's how to assess its viability and navigate the tax bill.

How to Plan, Launch, and Maintain a Business

From researching your competition to planning for the future, we provide eight tasks to help get your new venture off the ground and positioned for success.

Need a Retirement Plan for Your Small Business?

Own a small business? Don't miss out on these opportunities to save for retirement and decrease taxable income.

Why Do Millennials Love Equity Compensation and How Can Entrepreneurs Use It?

Equity compensation is an increasingly common part of a benefits package. Why are younger workers driving demand for it?

Business Succession: 3 Ways to Transfer Ownership

How to successfully transfer your business to a new owner.

Expect the Unexpected: With Guests Abigail Sussman, Howie Jeon & Greg Golden

Despite their regularity, we don't tend to budget well for the high frequency of unexpected events that predictably arise when it comes to our time, our diet, or our money.

Rethinking Your Career? Consider These 5 Things Before Making a Move

If you're contemplating a major career change, here are five things to do first.

Second Act Careers: Disc Golf

Greg just wanted to relax when he retired, until he unexpectedly started a new family business.

Second Act Careers: The Biker

After a life-altering accident, a former city official opens up a biker bar.

Second Act Careers: The Beekeeper

Chuck began his second act career from the desk of his first act career.