Government Policy

Understand how policy decisions coming out of Washington may impact financial markets and your investments.

Japan's Long Comeback

The second-largest stock market has captured the interest of investors, supported by stronger, more broad-based earnings, and incentivized by Japan's fiscal and monetary policies.

Considering Bonds? What to Know Before You Buy

After a rough couple of years, there are real opportunities in bonds. What do you need to know to make better decisions on when and what to buy?

Schwab Market Perspective: Confidence Catches Up

Sentiment data is beginning to match relatively strong "hard" economic data.

Geopolitical Risk: Is the Bark Worse than the Bite?

Global hotspots are constantly generating headlines. But investors need a balanced perspective, or they could miss out on potentially strong performance in international markets.

Fed Drops Tightening Bias, but No Easing Signaled

As expected, the Fed held rates steady in January, but importantly downplayed the likelihood that rate cuts will start as soon as March.

Count Down to Rate Cuts (and Hikes)

Market expectations have established a high bar for central banks' rate cuts. Any disappointment like stronger inflation or economic growth could spark market volatility.

Markets Notch Record Rally: Is it Sustainable?

Investors are feeling pretty good as key indexes hit record highs, but there are questions about cracks in the underlying economic data that could derail the momentum.

How to Navigate the 2024 Markets Like the Pros

Uncertainty is the watchword for 2024. As investors, can we learn to handle uncertainty and the volatility it brings while keeping emotions in check and our portfolios on track?

Top 5 Global Risks of 2024

There are many risks for 2024 including those that are an ever-present part of investing and not unique to the outlook for any particular year. We've highlighted our top five.

The Fed Holds Steady with a Dovish Pivot

Kathy Jones discusses the Fed's latest decision and interviews former Fed economist Dr. Julia Coronado.