Government Policy

May 16, 2022

Understand how policy decisions coming out of Washington may impact financial markets and your investments.

Will Rising Federal Debt Slow Economic Growth?

Over the past 70 years, rising government debt generally has been accompanied by weaker economic activity. But it's not a simple relationship.

Recession in China?

The world's second-largest economy and consumer market has likely slipped into a recession, at least by China's standards.

50 Ways to Leave Your Mark

The Fed raised rates by 50 basis points and confirmed the balance sheet runoff will start in June, while also ruling out a future steep hike of 75 basis points for now.

Can the Fed Win the Inflation Battle?

Liz Ann Sonders joins the podcast to discuss the Fed's aggressive approach on inflation, the chances for a recession, the market's reaction, and what investors need to keep in mind.

Will government policy affect your money?

Cryptocurrency's Split Personality

Is it a currency? Is it an investment? Can it be both? Schwab's Randy Frederick joins the podcast to discuss what investors need to know about where cryptocurrency may be headed.

Rapid World Changes Expose Vulnerabilities & Risks

War in Europe is sparking rapid change with repercussions around the globe. Investors have questions about how to respond and whether things will ever return to the way they were.

The Fed's Next Move: Ukraine Changes the Picture

After months of laying the groundwork for monetary policy tightening, the Federal Reserve now faces a sudden change in the economic outlook.

Rates Set to Rise: How High, How Fast, How Long?

How high and fast must interest rates rise before consumers and companies slow spending enough to bring inflation under control? Will these rate hikes impact jobs and the economy?

Tight Rope: History's Lessons About Rate Hike Cycles

The Fed is set to embark on another tightening cycle, and though history serves as a partial guide, there are new tools this time around and an undetermined rate-hike playbook.

Could Geopolitical Hotspots Burn U.S. Markets?

Growing tensions with Russia and China have the U.S. and EU considering tough responses. But how will the markets and the economy react to these geopolitical showdowns?