Discover how the unique aspects of futures contracts can provide traders with new potential opportunities in new markets. Or explore other trading topics:

Looking to the Futures: Equity Markets Rally

The S&P 500 traded slightly higher in an abridged trading session yesterday around optimism in debt ceiling negotiations.

Investing Basics: Futures

Gain a better understanding of futures trading and learn about the risks and benefits of leverage.

Trading Futures vs. Stocks: What's the Difference?

Stocks and futures both trade on exchanges, but that's where the similarities end. Futures contracts expire on a set date and can be traded using much more leverage.

Micro E-Mini Futures Contracts

This video explains the basics of Micro E-mini futures contracts for U.S. stock market indexes.

S&P 500® Futures: A Look at the Basics

S&P 500 index futures provide exposure to individual stocks in the index. But trading futures is different from trading equities. Understand how they work and how they might be used.

Micro Crude Futures Offer Lower-Cost Oil Trading

Micro WTI Crude Oil futures offer smaller-sized contracts, allowing traders the opportunity to get precise exposure to the oil market but with a reduced financial commitment.

Energy Investing Basics: WTI vs. Brent Crude Oil

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent Crude: What's the difference between these two global crude oil benchmarks?

Micro Bitcoin and Ether Futures Offer Small Bites of Crypto

At a fraction of the size of a standard futures contract, Micro Bitcoin and Ether futures can offer a more cost-effective way for traders to gain bitcoin exposure.

Micro E-Mini Futures in Earnings Season

Learn the basics of Micro E-mini futures and how they can potentially help retail traders and investors gain flexibility during earnings season.

The Basics of Trading Futures Contracts

Learn how futures contracts work, the history and evolution of futures trading, the role of futures contracts in the financial market, and how to trade futures.