Discover how the unique aspects of futures contracts can provide traders with new potential opportunities in new markets.

Looking to the Futures

May Natural gas futures (/NGK24) continue to hover near contract lows as U.S. gas inventories remain well above the five-year average.

Stock Index Futures Tick Values

Learn how index futures contracts use tick sizes and tick values to track how much positions gain or lose each day.

Answers to Common Questions About Futures

Learn about the basics of futures contract specifications, including notional value and tick size.

What to Know About Trading Futures Options

When trading options, it's possible to trade futures as well as stocks. Learn the similarities and differences of trading options on futures versus stocks.

Using Futures to Hedge Against Market Downturns

Learn how futures contracts can help experienced traders and investors manage portfolio risk, including the use of a beta-weighted hedging strategy.

How Futures Margin Works

Learn about futures margin trading and how leverage impacts potential profits and losses.

Trading Futures on thinkorswim® mobile (iPhone)

Learn how to trade futures on the thinkorswim® mobile app.

How to Use Futures Trader on thinkorswim® desktop

Learn how to trade futures using the Futures Trader tab on thinkorswim® desktop.

How To Trade Futures on thinkorswim® web

In this video, we'll demonstrate how to place futures trades on thinkorswim® web, including advanced features such as real-time pricing information and where to find open contracts.

Using Futures for Capital Efficiency

Learn how futures can help traders pursue their objectives while tying up less capital.