Make the shift from saving to spending.

After years of saving for retirement, it's finally time to spend in retirement. But how can you be sure you've built an income strategy that'll cover the retirement of your dreams? Schwab is here to help you understand how to maximize your assets and build a plan for the future.

Step 1

Update your financial plan.

As you're entering retirement, it's important to review your financial plan so it matches your goals. At Schwab, we have several ways to help you get the plan you need for the retirement you've dreamed of. 

Step 2

Help optimize your portfolio with income generating investments.

While your portfolio may have once focused on growth, many people nearing retirement shift to income generation to help make their money last. Here is how Schwab can help you with that.

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Step 3

Take money out tax efficiently.

Develop and follow a distribution strategy that considers your income needs as well as factors unique to you, like your age, tax situation, and investment accounts. We can help you understand how to take out distributions and minimize the tax impact. 

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