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Video: Charles Schwab Bank - The Bank for Investors

Charles Schwab Bank – The Bank for Investors

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Paul:  Chuck started the brokerage firm 40-plus years ago. And he started it based on some guiding principles; principles like providing sound service; exceptional advice; building a trusted relationship.

And he would hear from clients that they don’t experience that same level of service from their bank.

Employee 1: Why can’t managing all your finances be simpler? 

Employee 2: Why should people pay to access their own money?

Paul:  And he was convinced that if we built a bank based on those same guiding principles, that bank would be amazingly successful. So we kept asking questions.

Employee 3: What would make life easier for investors?

Employee 4: Whose side are bankers on?

Paul: We’re building a bank for investors. They’re very driven. They live busy lifestyles. They’re also very focused on their long-term financial goals. The bank is so successful because we know investors. 

We’re one of the largest banks in the country, and growing, and we’re still asking questions.

Employee v/o: Why not focus on things investors need? 

Employee v/o: Like a line of credit secured by the value of your Schwab assets?

Title card:    Securities based lending

Employee v/o: Competitive mortgage rates and discounts for Charles Schwab clients, based on your overall relationship with Charles Schwab?

Title card:    Flexible home loans

Title card:     Investor Advantage Pricing™

Employee v/o: One site to manage banking and investing?

Employee v/o: Easy money movement, and checking with no ATM fees?

Title card:    Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking®    

Title card:    Unlimited ATM fee rebates

Title card:     No foreign exchange transaction fees

Paul: The common thread in all of this is convenience. Making it easy for our clients to manage both their banking and brokerage activities in one convenient location. And I think we’re achieving that goal.


“Best bank I’ve used”
“Great checking account”
“Excellent for foreign travel”

Paul: I truly believe what we're building here is unique in the industry.

We’re helping fulfill a dream that Chuck had, and that's why I'm so inspired. That's why I'm so passionate about Charles Schwab Bank. 

Our bank is on the side of investors. Is yours?


Products and Services

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  • High Yield Investor Checking®

  • Home Lending

  • Schwab Bank Pledged Asset Line®

Schwab Bank gives investors more ways to save.

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    Mortgage rate discounts for Schwab clients⁵

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    Unlimited ATM fee rebates worldwide¹

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    Free online and mobile bill pay

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    Competitive APY with our checking account

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    No application or set-up fees for Pledged Asset Lines

Community Development
At Charles Schwab Bank, we share your commitment to giving back to our communities. We demonstrate that commitment through a variety of community development efforts and activities that help serve the banking and credit needs of our entire community, including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods and individuals. Please visit the Citizenship page at to learn more about us.

Additionally, the CRA regulations require that information on business, farm, and community development lending by insured depository institutions that meet certain asset thresholds, determined annually, be made available to the public. To enquire about our CRA Public File, please e-mail us at CRA Document Request

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