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Losing a loved one

Notifying financial institutions after someone has died can be stressful. We understand, so we made it easy to let us know a Schwab client has passed away.

What to expect

Here are the basic steps to notify us of a death and begin the inheritance process.

  • Online Desktop

    First things first. Notify us of a death.

    Notify us (and anyplace else where the person had an account) as soon as you can. We'll secure their Schwab accounts, and prepare to work with the estate. All you need is their name and Social Security number.  

  • Death Certificate

    Death certificate verification

    You can also upload the death certificate now if you have it. Once we verify the certificate—typically within 5 business days—the inheritance process begins. We'll reach out to the inheritors and estate professionals associated with the account, as appropriate, to move forward.

  • Transfer Assets

    Asset transfer

    The time it will take depends on the circumstances and how quickly inheritors complete the paperwork. Most transfers are completed in a few weeks.

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