Learn about the foreign exchange market and currencies trading.

Overnight Trading in Futures Markets

Futures and foreign exchange markets have overnight trading sessions. Learn more about how to find opportunities in overnight futures trading.

Investing Basics: Forex

Learn how to speculate on foreign currency prices in the forex market and decide if you want to expand your investing to the largest financial market in the world.

Understanding Forex Margin

Learn how to use leverage to speculate on currency prices or exchange rates. Understand the potential risks before deciding to trade forex on margin.

Foreign Exchange (Forex) Currency Trading Basics

The foreign exchange (forex) market sees more than $6 trillion change hands per day. Learn the basics of currency trading.

Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading for Beginners

The forex market is traded around the globe, virtually around the clock. Learn more about forex trading with this retail forex guide for beginners.

What Is Forex Trading?

Forex trading—or foreign-exchange trading—is the buying and selling of global currencies. Learn more about what forex trading is and how it works.

How to Calculate Financing Rates on Forex Trades

When a forex position is carried from one day to the next, the position is adjusted to reflect the interest rate differential between the currencies. Learn how forex rolling works.

Where the U.S. Dollar May Be Headed in 2024

With the Federal Reserve poised to begin cutting interest rates this year, the dollar may drift generally downward. However, its performance against individual currencies may vary widely.

Will the U.S. Dollar Be Dethroned?

There has been a long-term trend toward currency diversification in global financial transactions and trade, but we don't see the U.S. dollar losing its dominance any time soon.