Discover how research tools may help you spend less effort getting the information you want and more time acting on it.

Trading Up-Close: Getting Started as a Trader

If you think you'd like to start trading stocks, what do you need to know? Kevin Horner explains what it takes to be a trader and how it differs from long-term investing.

How to Research Stocks

This video points out four important areas of fundamental analysis that investors should consider when performing due diligence on a stock.

Overview of & the Schwab Mobile app

Here are the basics when it comes to learning how to use and the Schwab Mobile app.

The Truth About Corporate Stock Earnings Estimates

Companies often beat their stock earnings estimates. What gives—and how are traders to respond?

Trading and Social Media

Social media is full of trading tips—but should you listen?

Scans and Alerts on thinkorswim®

Learn how to scan and set alerts for specific stocks using thinkorswim®.

How to Help Identify Undervalued Stocks

A falling stock price doesn't always mean a good deal. Here's how to help assess the potential value of a stock to know whether it may be the right time to consider it.

Trading the News

Four common types of news releases—and how to consider trading them.

Trading Up-Close: Making a Trading Plan

What goes into a trade plan? Kevin Horner discusses the key elements in a plan and how they should inform every trade you make.

Trading Up-Close: Using Technical Analysis

Kevin Horner explains the basic concepts behind technical analysis and how it can be used as part of a broad and diverse trading strategy.