Trading Tools

Learn about specialized tools traders may use to make trading decisions. Or explore other trading topics:

Mastering the Order Types: Limit Orders

Learn about the types, risks, and advantages of limit orders.

High-Frequency Algorithmic Trading

Let's explore some basic questions about what high-frequency trading (HFT) is and how this trading technology impacts investors.

Finding Value Stocks Using the Stock Screener

The Stock Screener on is a tool for finding stocks that meet specific criteria, including value stocks. Learn how to use it to find stocks that meet your own criteria.

Understanding Growth Stock Data Trends

A potential growth stock should have a record of strong historical growth. Learn how you can often gain deeper insight by looking at a stock's actual data trends over time.

How to Use Moving Averages for Stock Trading

Learn how to use a simple moving average to confirm established trends, along with the pros and cons of applying it to different time frames.

Trading Up-Close: Fibonacci Retracement Lines

Learn how you can use Fibonacci retracement lines to spot potential patterns in price charts.

Trading Up-Close: Bear Markets & Bull Traps

Learn about what a bull trap is and why they show up during bear markets.

Trading in an Uncertain Market

When the market takes a turn, traders may want to go back to basics.

Stock Settlement: Why You Need to Understand the T+2 Timeline

Learn about main types of settlement violations, their consequences, and how to avoid them.

Calculating Potential Profit and Loss on Options

Want to calculate potential profit and loss levels on an options strategy? Find out how our options calculator works.