Charitable Giving

July 3, 2022

Understand charitable giving strategies to minimize your taxes by maximizing your gifts of securities, cash, or goods to nonprofit organizations. Or explore other financial planning topics:

Tax-Smart Charitable Giving

If you’re deciding between taking the standard deduction or itemizing, learn three tax-smart ways to get a tax deduction for your charitable giving.

5 Steps to Make the Most of Charitable Giving

When it comes to charitable giving, the way you give can be even more important than how much you give.

Charitable Donations: The Basics of Giving

Helpful tax tips for your charitable contributions, including stock donations.

Let’s Make Holiday Gift Giving More Meaningful

As we enter the holiday gift giving season, let’s think outside the metaphorical—and physical—box.

How Can You Maximize Your Charitable Giving?

Decisions about what you do with your financial assets are just as important as the decisions you make while you’re accumulating them. Most of us want to help others, but is there a smarter way to give to charity?

3 Ways to Give Internationally

Different strategies for maximizing your charitable impact abroad.

Reducing RMDs with QCDs

A QCD can be a great way to reduce RMDs and optimize the tax benefits of giving.

Estate Planning for People With No Heirs

What to do with your estate when its inheritor isn’t obvious.

In a Year Full of Challenges, How Can We Give Back?

After an incredibly challenging year, the need for charitable giving is greater than ever. How will you give?

Why Is Now a Good Time to Give to Charity?

There is no question that there is a greater need for charitable giving right now, but are there also advantages for donors and charities?