September 29, 2022

Consider a trust to help manage and distribute assets during your lifetime and for future generations. Or explore other financial planning topics:

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The three estate planning strategies that can benefit from low interest rates.

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The pros and cons of different methods for leaving a home to your heirs.

SLAT Trusts: An Estate Planning Strategy for Couples

A spousal lifetime access trust (SLAT) allows access to assets while helping to keep them out of your taxable estate.

Which Trust May Be Right for You?

There are many advantages to having a trust in addition to a will, but is a trust right for you?

How to Protect Your Estate from an Heir’s Divorce

How to help ensure the assets you pass down are protected from an heir’s divorce.

Selecting a Trust to Suit Your Needs

There are nearly as many types of trusts as there are individual circumstances.

4 Common Trust Mistakes

A well-designed trust can help ensure your assets transfer to your heirs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We Asked Our Experts: Do You Need a Trust?

Wills may not make sense for all estate planning needs. Find out when you might want to consider a trust.