Health Care

May 21, 2022

Understand the impact of health care costs on your investments and retirement plans, including Medicare, HSAs, and long-term care.

Potential, Long-Term Benefits of Investing Your HSA

Health savings accounts are for more than just routine medical expenses. By investing a portion of your account, you can potentially grow your funds tax-free.

Health Care Costs in Retirement: Are You Prepared?

Four tips for managing health care costs in retirement.

Financial Considerations of Moving Abroad

More and more Americans are establishing second homes abroad. Here's how to prepare your finances before making the move.

Are HSAs the New IRAs?

These triple-tax-advantaged accounts could help pay for health care in retirement.

Learn more about health care planning.

Health Savings Accounts: FAQs About HSAs

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about HSAs.

Rethinking Your Career? Consider These 5 Things Before Making a Move

If you're contemplating a major career change, here are five things to do first.

Working in Retirement: How Does It Affect Social Security and Medicare?

If you’ve retired but are considering returning to work, be aware that your decision may affect your Social Security and Medicare benefits.

How Can You Prepare for the Perils of Aging?

It’s normal for aging investors to experience at least some cognitive decline. Are you taking the right steps to prepare your finances for the future?

It's Open Enrollment: Are You Making the Most of Your Employee Benefits?

It's Open Enrollment time again. Here's why you shouldn't ignore it.

Paying for Long-Term Care: Explore Your Options

Whether you purchase long-term care insurance or not, you need to have a long-term care plan.