Behavioral Finance

Discover how psychological influences and biases may affect your financial behavior. Or explore other financial planning topics:

Is It Time to Reboot Your New Year's Resolutions? (Rebroadcast)

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How to Make Better Financial Decisions

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Common Trading Mistakes to Avoid

For new market traders, review these common trading mistakes so you can avoid emotional blunders with your investments and take advantage of psychological edges.

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How did one woman honor her twin sister through a charitable gift?

Should You Start Giving Money to Your Heirs Now or Leave a Bequest?

Giving away assets in one's lifetime might make sense tax-wise, but the issue is deeply emotional and personal for most people.

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Why is it so difficult to separate correlation from causation?

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The Bad with the Good: With Guests Uzma Khan & Gustav Källstrand

Why do some people use "good" behavior to justify "bad" behavior?

So Much in Common: With Guests Samantha Futerman, Anaïs Bordier & Kareem Haggag

Why do we often mistake the root causes of our feelings and other experiences?