Behavioral Finance

October 4, 2022

Discover how psychological influences and biases may affect your financial behavior. Or explore other financial planning topics:

So Much in Common: With Guests Samantha Futerman, Anaïs Bordier & Kareem Haggag

Why do we often mistake the root causes of our feelings and other experiences?

What Can You Do If Your Retirement Plan Gets Off Track?

Some people start to take unnecessary risks when their portfolio gets off track. What are other options?

How You Spend It: With Guests Joshua Fields Millburn & Cassie Mogilner Holmes

In the tradeoff between time and money, which choice usually leads to greater happiness?

How Can You Make the Most of Your IRA Nest Egg?

What's the best way to shift your mindset when it's time to withdraw from your IRA?

Not by a Long Shot: With Guests Katia Jordan & Craig Fox

Why do we have trouble estimating the odds of rare events?

How Can You Get Started with an IRA?

What are some of the incentives for younger investors to start saving for retirement?

3 Investing Biases to Avoid Now

During periods of volatility, don't let emotion lead your astray.

When Interest Rates Rise, What Should You Do with Bonds?

Bonds can play an important role in your portfolio, but how do rising interest rates affect fixed income?

How Much Risk Is Right for You?

Every investor wants to maximize return—but you must first consider how much risk you can stomach.