Behavioral Finance

August 8, 2022

Discover how psychological influences and biases may affect your financial behavior. Or explore other financial planning topics:

When Interest Rates Rise, What Should You Do with Bonds?

Bonds can play an important role in your portfolio, but how do rising interest rates affect fixed income?

How Much Risk Is Right for You?

Every investor wants to maximize return—but you must first consider how much risk you can stomach.

Under Pressure: With Guests Svetlana Savranskaya, Gary Slaughter & Modupe Akinola

How can we make important decisions when time is scarce and the stakes are high?

Out of Proportion: With Guests Damon Lesmeister & Kelly Shue

Non-proportional thinking, or focusing on absolute numbers rather than percentages, is just one way we get mixed up when we should be carefully calculating and comparing ratios.

Choiceology's Guide to Nudges

Nudges are small but powerful parts of choice architecture.

How Can You Learn from Your Trading Mistakes?

Making mistakes is part of the learning process, but how can we improve our ability to learn from trading mistakes?

Spooked by Market Declines? Don't Panic—S.T.O.P.

When it comes to investing, our emotions are not our friend. Instead of panicking, S.T.O.P.

Second-Guessing First Impressions: With Guests Allen Sarven & Richard Nisbett

When we judge someone, rarely do we stop to consider how their particular situation likely played a large role in guiding their actions.

How Can You Stop Procrastinating and Create an Estate Plan?

Estate plans aren't just for the wealthy. So why do people tend to procrastinate making one?