Choiceology's Guide to Better Decisions: With Guests James Korris, Carey Morewedge & Jack Soll

What are some strategies that can help you mitigate cognitive biases and make better decisions?

5 Steps to Help Lower Your Financial Stress

Self-reflection, focus, and determination could help you take control of your financial life and help ease money stress.

The Charmer's Playbook: With Guests Wilfred Webster & Daniel Read

Why do we allow our judgments of one trait of a person (or product or company) to overly influence our judgments of another, unrelated trait of that same person or product or company?

(Bonus) Does Your Portfolio Need Decluttering?

In the spirit of spring cleaning, Susan Hirshman returns for a bonus episode to share helpful methods for decluttering your portfolio.

Recipe for Success: With Guests Simon Rogan & Michele Gelfand

How do strict and relaxed cultures affect the quality of our decisions? And how can you find the sweet spot between the two, depending on your goals?

Take the Deal! With Guests Daniel Kahneman, Colin Camerer & Luis Green (Rebroadcast)

Daniel Kahneman explains why risky propositions tend to look different when you’re already behind.

Top of Mind: With Guests John Farrell & Manasvini Singh

Why do we weigh recent events so heavily? And how does this tendency impact important decisions, like whom to vote for or how to conduct medical procedures?

Do Investing Pros Make Smart Buy and Sell Decisions?

Alex Imas, professor of behavioral science and economics at Chicago Booth, visits to discuss new research into the effects of heuristic thinking on institutional investors' performance.

Repeat After Me: With Guests Jennifer LeMesurier & Tali Sharot

Why is it that when we see the same statement multiple times, we are more likely to believe it's true?

How Can You Save for College?

What financial tools and strategies are available to those planning for college expenses?