Learn how to develop and implement a trading plan that consists of analyzing the markets, filtering for potential opportunities, assessing risks, executing trades, and evaluating results. 

Today's Options Market Update

Stocks are mixed following yesterday’s FOMC wrap-up along with another benign inflation report from this morning’s Producer Price Index.

Looking to the Futures

The Euro lost another half percent against the dollar when it opened Sunday night after European elections this weekend.

3 Order Types: Market, Limit, and Stop Orders

Market orders, limit orders, and stop orders are common order types used to buy or sell stocks and ETFs. Learn how and when a trader might use them.

Weekly Trader's Outlook

Stocks are kicking off the month of June on a positive note, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq near all-time highs even as this week's economic reports show diverging data, as jobs week comes to a close.

New to thinkorswim®? Start here

Thinkorswim® brings together powerful features and real-time insights. Learn which of its platforms—desktop, mobile, and web—is right for your trading style and preference.

Covered Calls: Beyond the Basics

The covered call strategy is considered a first lesson in options trading, but choosing which call options to sell often requires going beyond the options basics.

What Is Short Interest?

Short interest offers a way to track investor sentiment because it measures the number of shares that have been sold short in each stock or market. Here's a quick overview.

Understanding Portfolio Margin

Qualified traders have access to portfolio margin, which can offer a way to increase a trader's available budget.

Trading with Technical Indicators | Moving Average Application on thinkorswim®

Do you ever struggle with timing a bullish or bearish trade? Join us as we discuss different tasks for using moving averages.

Why Fed Forecasting Tools Are Worth Watching

Predicting Fed rate changes may be an inexact exercise, but understanding how the tools that do track it work can help investors weather uncertain markets.