Learn how to develop and implement a trading plan that consists of analyzing the markets, filtering for potential opportunities, assessing risks, executing trades, and evaluating results. 

Today's Options Market Update

Stocks are lower across the board as yields on the 10-year breakout to 15-year highs.

Looking to the Futures

The December Gold contract (GCZ23) traded at 1953.90, up .20 points in late afternoon trading on Wednesday following a Hawkish Fed meeting where they chose to maintain current target rates.

Penny Stocks, Microcaps, and OTC Stocks Explained

Learn about the risks of penny stocks and speculative stock investments and how this market works.

The Pattern Day Trading Rule Explained

Watch to learn about the pattern day trading rule, what constitutes a day trade, and how to comply with the rule.

Weekly Trader's Outlook

Equities march mostly sideways as economic data comes in close to expectations.

What You Can Learn From Stock Trading Volume

Volume tells how many shares are publicly traded on a particular day. It can also confirm the trend and buy signal, warn of potential trend changes, and help track the smart money.

Pros and Cons of Trading in Retirement Accounts

Trading in a retirement account has potential advantages and disadvantages for traders to consider as they assess if trading in a retirement account is part of their strategy.

Options Greeks: Gamma Explained

As stock options get closer to expiration, options prices can change quickly. Understanding options gamma could help traders better manage their stock options positions.

Straddles vs. Strangles Options Strategies

Options straddles and strangles are a way for advanced traders to get exposure to volatility. Learn more about straddle and strangle options strategies.

Understanding Simple Moving Average Crossovers

A simple moving average crossover system can help you evaluate potential entry and exit points in a trading strategy.