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The inversion of the 10y-3m yield curve unleashed a sharp pullback in stocks; but the Fed’s “preferred” curve first inverted in early January.
Kathy Jones explains the yield curve, and why it’s significant when the curve inverts.
How to decipher the Fed’s quarterly “dot-plot” chart.
The Schwab Center for Financial Research’s theme for 2019 was “be prepared,” and that still holds true. Here’s what we expect to see for the remainder of the year.
The stock market impact of the U.K. crashing out of the EU with no plan would probably be significantly negative, but if the disorderly “no deal” Brexit scenario is avoided the chances seem to favor a partial rebound in U.K. stocks and the British pound.
Recession fears have risen and stocks have become more volatile, but is now the time to prepare for a sharp downturn?
With the VIX dropping down to 5-month lows, Nathan Peterson touches on what this index is and what it is implying about the current market environment.
Fears of a recession in the U.S. have increased—but instead of panicking, there are some tactical sector moves that may help.
Schwab's view on the real estate sector, which covers companies involved in real estate and includes equity REITs.
Schwab's view on the consumer staples sector, which includes consumer items that tend to be viewed as household necessities.
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