Markets and Economy

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Stocks Rose as Banking Stocks Rebound

U.S. stocks ended the day higher, as the financials sector bounced back amid the recent choppiness in the markets.

Another One Bites the Dust: Banking Saga Continues

The banking crisis has sparked immense focus on financial stability; with an attendant tightening in credit conditions, the risk of a formal recession has risen notably.

Stocks Fell Amid Further Turmoil in the Banking Sector

U.S. equities ended the day lower, as pressure returned to the banking sector.

Schwab Market Perspective: Ups and Downs

Market surprises force investors—and the Federal Reserve—to re-evaluate yet again.

Weekly Trader's Outlook

Anxieties in the banking sector and interest rate volatility drive volatility in equity markets.

Market Snapshot | March 2023

Liz Ann Sonders shares her perspective on the U.S. stock market and economy in this monthly Market Snapshot video.

Market Volatility: Bank Worries Strike Again

What our experts think about today's market action.

Bank Turmoil: What Does It Mean for Fed Policy?

The situation may relieve some pressure on the Federal Reserve, possibly leading to a pause or slowing in its current rate-hike cycle.

Waves of Inflation

Although inflation may be receding, intermittent waves of price increases may cause investor uncertainty about the direction of economic growth and central banks' policy response.

Caveat Emptor: Important Market Shifts Underway

Given the topsy-turvy nature of the market thus far in 2023, it remains crucial for investors to know what they are buying—especially as it relates to growth, value, and quality.