Schwab Charitable

Schwab CharitableTM is an independent 501(c)(3)public charity.  Our mission is to make charitable giving more tax-smart, simple and efficient for our donors and their advisors. We offer tools, guidance and relationships to help donors apply a similar approach to charitable giving as they do to their savings and investments.

With Schwab Charitable, clients are empowered to incorporate charitable planning into their everyday lives, giving them the potential to make a bigger difference in the world.

Schwab Charitable donor-advised accounts are specialized charitable giving accounts. Donors simply open an account with Schwab Charitable, make irrevocable contributions of cash or appreciated securities or assets and receive current year tax benefits and deductions as well as the possibility of eliminating capital gains on appreciated assets. They then choose how contributions are invested, and for larger accounts can recommend an investment advisor to manage the funds. This creates the potential for contributions to grow tax-free, resulting in larger charitable grants in the future. Over time, donors advise Schwab Charitable to make grants to IRS-qualified charities of their choice.

Schwab Charitable clients can access their charitable account on the same platform as their other Schwab accounts, online and via the Schwab mobile app.

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