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Preferred Securities: Recent Rally Sets High Bar

Our outlook is still positive, but it may be difficult to replicate the strong returns of the past few quarters.

What Could Turn China Around?

Changes in China's economic policy tend not be communicated prior to implementation. What can we expect from China's stock market in response to any shifts?

The Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged: Our Analysis

Liz Ann Sonders and Kathy Jones analyze the latest signals from the Fed.

Potential Opportunities in the Muni Bond Market

There have been several big changes in the municipal bond market lately. Here's what you should know.

Emotional Rescue: Markets, Fed Policy, and Elections

Between adjustments in Fed policy and a coming presidential election, it's going to be an emotional year, but historical data show staying invested is the best course for investors.

Quarterly Market Outlook: Waiting for the Fed

The Federal Reserve weighs the data while investors wonder: When will rate cuts begin?

2024 Elections: What Are the Trade Risks?

Global elections may lean towards nationalist policies that could hinder trade in goods via tariffs, but also boost growth in domestic industries to counter inflationary effects.

Is India's Economy on the Rise?

India's prospects are bright, but the country faces significant headwinds. Here's what to know as an investor.

Sector Views: Our Stock Sector Outlook

Kevin Gordon discusses Schwab's analysis of the 11 sectors that make up the S&P 500.

Don't Bet Your Portfolio on Election Year Fears

The hype is always high in a presidential election year, fueling investor emotions and worry over the markets. So how do you prepare yourself and your portfolio for a bumpy ride?