Stocks Finish Lower as Markets Await a Busy Week

January 31, 2023
U.S. stocks declined, trimming a strong start to 2023, as investors prepared for a busy week full of earnings data, economic reports, and monetary policy decisions.

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Schwab Market Update: Stocks Seeing Pressure Ahead of Fed Decision

U.S. equities are lower, trimming some of 2023's strong gains as a new month begins amid some likely caution ahead of today's monetary policy decision from the Fed in afternoon action.

Stocks Higher Ahead of Tomorrow's Fed Decision

U.S. equities ended a choppy trading session higher, as investors sifted through a host of earnings and economic data, and awaited tomorrow’s monetary policy decision from the Federal Reserve.

Today's Options Market Update for 1/31/2023

Stocks higher ahead of tomorrow’s Fed decision on rates.

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