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Today's Options Market Update

Stocks are showing a positive bias on higher expectations that Washington will reach a debt ceiling deal in time.

Total Concentration: Mega Caps Reign

The concentration of gains up the cap spectrum isn't itself a precursor to weakness; it's the lack of participation from the "average stock" that warrants some caution.

Debt Ceiling: What Investors Should Know

While we don't expect the U.S. government to default, the uncertainty may heighten market volatility in coming days. Here are answers to some of the questions we're hearing most often.

Closing Market Update: Debt Watch Continues

Big tech companies continue to shine thanks to optimism over AI, while the broader market struggles.

Opening Market Update: Congress, It's Your Move

Wall Street appeared to welcome the debt ceiling deal reached over the weekend despite still needing congressional approval. The markets also appear to be making peace with the idea that interest rates might rise again next month.

Looking to the Futures: Equity Markets Rally

The S&P 500 traded slightly higher in an abridged trading session yesterday around optimism in debt ceiling negotiations.

Tech Extends Rally

Nasdaq posts fifth consecutive weekly advance to end at a nine-month high, thanks to solid microchip company results and debt-ceiling optimism.

Weekly Trader's Outlook

Equities volatile amid elusive debt ceiling deal.

Tech Powers Higher

Tech stocks got a boost from Nvidia’s strong chip-sales forecast, even as the rest of the market fretted over the debt-ceiling impasse.

U.S. Agency Bonds: What You Should Know

Bonds issued by government-sponsored enterprises can offer slightly higher yields than U.S. Treasuries, without requiring investors to take on too much additional risk.