Markets and Economy

May 24, 2022

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Schwab Market Update: Markets See Pressure Amid Disappointing Data

U.S. equities are trading lower in afternoon action with the markets unable to extend yesterday's solid gains.

Today's Options Market Update

Stocks drop following concerning corporate guidance, soft data.

Are TIPS Worth Considering Now?

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, or TIPS, can help protect against inflation over the long run, but in the short term their performance may be dictated more by price declines in the secondary market. That's been the case so far this year.

Looking to the Futures: Equities Start the Week Positive

Equity index prices started the week on a positive note, as investors hope for relief.

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The Three Bears?

Stocks, bonds, and cash are all in a bear market or teetering on the edge of one—a very rare event. Over the past 72 years, there have only two prior periods with a triple bear.

Signs Point to Rising Recession Risk

Rising inflation, rate hikes, supply-chain problems and the Russia-Ukraine war have contributed to growing recession fears. While recessions are impossible to predict, we think the risk of one—sooner rather than later—has picked up.

Weekly Trader's Outlook

Volatility begets more volatility.

Stock Market Volatility: Schwab's Quick Take

What our experts think about the recent stock market drop.

7 Investing Strategies to Prepare for Bear Markets

Bear markets occur with some regularity. Is your portfolio ready? Get prepared with these seven investing tips.

Current Winners and Losers in the Global Economy

U.S. financial markets are rocky, but that’s not true for all markets across the globe. Why the discrepancy, and where are potential opportunities?