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Trading Strategies

When the market moves, you'll be ready.
Don’t let these four trading tendencies hurt your profitability potential.
Three active traders share their resources, routines, tips and tools—including those available at Schwab.
To illustrate the impact a trade plan can make, we’ll follow two traders as they search for a trade idea, validate it, and put it into action. One will be armed with a trade plan, one will not.
Timeframe refers to the general duration of a given trade from the time the trade is opened to the time the trade is closed. The timeframe a trader selects is dependent on their overall trading strategy, motivations, and time commitment.
Schwab trading specialists discuss the importance of having a trade plan and sticking to it.
Creating a step-by-step trade plan—a blueprint for how to build positions and reshape them as conditions warrant—can help you develop a disciplined approach to your trading.
Making sure that your strategy timeframe and the market trend are in alignment can potentially help you employ a more effective trade strategy.
Learn how a trade plan can help you minimize losses and keep you on track with your trading strategy.
Discover how Schwab’s Trading Solutions Regional Manager for Northern California Lou Mercer goes about a typical trading day.
Learning how to interpret candlestick charts may help you gauge the expectations surrounding a stock and where it may be headed.
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