Your home for everything you need to start trading futures at Charles Schwab Futures and Forex LLC.

From getting your account set up to finding the latest professional perspectives 
on the futures market, here are some resources to help you with your futures trading experience.

1. Consider your account status and eligibility to trade futures.

  • Do you have a brokerage account?

    Open an eligible brokerage account. Once your new account is open, return to this page to apply for a futures account. 

  • Already a client? Open a futures trading account.

    From the Trade Futures page, choose one of your eligible brokerage accounts from the dropdown and click the "Open a Futures Account" button. 

  • Already approved to trade futures?

    Start trading in the StreetSmart Central™ platform.

2. Familiarize yourself with futures.

Start with the basics, then check out our tips for establishing a strategy you can build upon as your futures trading skills develop. 

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    Learn futures terminology, uses for futures in trading, and more

    Understanding the basics of futures can help you develop a futures trading strategy aligned with your overall portfolio goals.

  • 7 Tips for Trading Futures now

    7 tips for improving your futures trading strategy

    Following these tips can help you get started with your futures trading education.

Visit the Schwab Learning Center for futures-specific education.

Discover how the unique aspects of futures contracts can provide seasoned traders with potential opportunities.

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3. Stay on top of the latest futures market action.

Get professional market commentary, perspectives, and trading insights from Schwab Futures Specialists.

  • Looking to the Futures

    Every trading day, review notable futures market news along with perspectives from our Futures Specialists.

  • Schwab Live Daily

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    Sharpen your futures trading skills with live online insights, commentary, and strategy discussion.

  • Futures articles

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    Read our latest articles about futures topics and trading strategies.

4. Explore Schwab's futures platforms.

Schwab provides you with desktop or mobile futures trading platforms to make it convenient to stay on top of your futures trading goals. 

  • StreetSmart Central

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    Take advantage of the powerful futures trading capabilities, including futures specs and built-in research. StreetSmart Central is available exclusively to traders approved to trade futures. 

  • StreetSmart Mobile

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    Manage your futures positions, view charts, place trades, and check order status from anywhere with the StreetSmart Mobile app. StreetSmart Mobile is available exclusively to traders approved to trade futures.

5. Get live trading support when you need it.

Schwab Trading Specialists are here to answer the questions you have, from getting started to placing trades. 


Have a specific question?

Our Trading Specialists are available 24/7 at 877-656-8748.

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