Schwab Funds

With a straightforward lineup of core products and solutions for building the foundation of a portfolio, Charles Schwab Investment Management advocates for investors of all sizes with a steadfast focus on lowering costs and reducing unnecessary complexity.

Broad range of choices and exceptional value.

Whether you want the simplicity and convenience of an all-in-one fund solution, or prefer to build and manage your own portfolio, we can help. With more than 50 funds, you can choose from a wide selection of equity, bond and asset allocation funds designed to help you create the foundation of your portfolio.

  • Funds seek to manage risk and deliver consistent performance over the long term.
  • Fund expenses are competitive, with index mutual fund expenses starting as low as 0.03% with no investment minimum.1
  • All funds have no loads and no transaction fees when traded at Schwab.

About the funds

  • Equity Funds

  • Bond Funds

Asset Allocation Funds

Asset allocation funds are designed to be a convenient, easy to use all-in-one portfolio solution, or use them to help further diversify your portfolio across asset categories. Explore our asset allocation solutions to see if these are a good choice for you.

  • Schwab Target Funds. Professionally managed mutual funds that automatically adjust the asset allocation according to your approximate retirement date.
  • Schwab MarketTrack Portfolios®. Four portfolio options combine Fundamental Index® and market cap index strategies with asset allocations based on your risk tolerance and goals.
  • Schwab® Monthly Income Funds. Choose from three diversified funds, based on your desired level of monthly income and long-term growth potential.