T. Rowe Price: A leader in actively managed funds.

For more than 80 years, T. Rowe Price has taken an active, independent approach to mutual fund investing that may help clients feel more confident in pursuing their goals. That's why we're highlighting their active mutual funds, which may help you meet your financial goals.

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Find funds based on specific investing goals.

T. Rowe Price highlights several strategies to consider, including funds from three themes.1 In addition, all highlighted funds receive a Morningstar Overall Rating™ of four2 as of 12/14/2023.

Goal: Navigate macroeconomic fog

Global economies have been resilient despite higher rates, but strong growth may not occur in 2024. Consider areas with attractive income and asset classes where valuations are undemanding.1 

Goal: Rethinking fixed income

Interest rates may have peaked, but volatility could persist. lt may make sense to take advantage of higher yields and supportive fundamentals.1

Goal: Broadening equity horizons

Expect a broadening in market leadership and more varied sources of return. Consider attractively valued regions with structural tailwinds.1

Explore more funds with the Fund Finder tool.

Explore more funds with the Fund Finder tool.

Why consider actively managed funds from T. Rowe Price?

Low cost

Over 90% of active T. Rowe Price funds have an expense ratio below the average of comparable active funds in their Morningstar category.3 

Experienced managers

T. Rowe Price has managed mutual funds through different market cycles, and their portfolio managers average 23 years in the industry and 17 years with T. Rowe Price.4 

Strategic approach

Rigorous field research and prudent risk management allow T. Rowe Price to find the best potential investments for your portfolio.

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