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Now invest in more no-load mutual funds for as little as $100.

Diversify your portfolio with Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource® service.

No-load, no transaction fee mutual funds allow you to buy and sell mutual fund shares without incurring a commission—leaving you with more assets to invest. And now you can invest in these funds for as little as $100 through Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource service.


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    Invest in no-load, no-transaction-fee mutual funds actively managed by experienced professionals.

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    Find managed mutual funds to complement your portfolio and investing goals.

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    Conduct mutual fund research using advanced predefined screens or criteria you select.

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Why Mutual Fund OneSource?

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Charles Schwab & Co.
Schwab's Mutual Fund OneSource® service

CHARLES SCHWAB: "OneSource actually its beginnings we were thinking about how to make buying, investing in mutual funds just easier, just simply easier.

But then, as I began thinking about where were we going to go into the future, [I thought] that most investors really wanted and needed mutual funds.

I wanted to create it so people could buy directly through us a variety of mutual funds, have lots of choice, lots of diversification, and have a way that they could do it conveniently and at low cost.

I had an IRA account myself and I kept thinking, I know buying no-load mutual funds was probably the best, most convenient thing. But I thought I also needed not just one fund, I wanted to have diversification. How could I get that?

And so I went about personally buying a number of mutual funds directly from the mutual fund companies. And I had paperwork all over the place. I had statements coming from probably eight or 10 different funds. I said, 'This is crazy. This is really an inconvenience to me as an investor, and I'm sure it would be an inconvenience to thousands of other investors just like me.'

And so I think that's one of the great underlying accomplishments of what we did with OneSource is introduce to the world new thinking, new ways of management, and really help, I think, many, many millions of investors.

In many ways this was a very revolutionary idea in the mutual fund world--and, for that matter, in financial services. And we were glad to be a part of it."

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Charles Schwab talks about the inspiration for an easier way to invest in mutual funds.


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