Trading Tools

Learn about specialized tools traders may use to make trading decisions.

Using Chart Drawing Tools on thinkorswim® Desktop

Learn how to add drawings in charts, draw trendlines, price levels, and Fibonacci retracements to help you identify trend as well as support and resistance.

Credit vs. Debit Spreads: Let Volatility Guide You

When deciding between trading credit spreads or debit spreads, it can be helpful to align the options strike prices and expirations with the level and direction of implied volatility.

Choosing Technical Indicators to Analyze Stocks

When analyzing stocks, there are several technical indicators available, including those for trend, momentum, and breakouts. Here's how to decide which technical indicators to use.

Advanced Stock Chart Indicators

When typical charting tools seem to be giving false signals, some traders turn to less common ones like the Standard Deviation Channel, Schaff Trend Cycle, and The Simple Cloud.

Uncover Hidden Price Levels with the Volume Profile

Here we'll review two ways the Volume Profile study on the thinkorswim® platform can help traders uncover hidden inflection price points.

Simple vs. Exponential Moving Averages

Build on your charting basics and try simple moving averages for long-term charts and exponential moving averages for short-term views.

Using Fibonacci Retracement Levels on thinkorswim®

Using Fibonacci retracement levels on the thinkorswim trading platform can help traders identify support and resistance price levels in stocks and exchange-traded funds.

Hedging Principles on thinkorswim®

Learn three primary concepts traders think of when managing their portfolio—delta, capital requirements, and return on capital—and why these concepts matter to investors.

How the Sizzle Index Tracks Options Activity

The Sizzle Index on the thinkorswim® platform is an indicator used to screen stocks posting unusual options volume. Learn how it works and how to use it.

Using Time Frame and Extended Data Tools on Charts

Charting tools like customized time frames and aggregated data on the thinkorswim® platform can potentially help traders make informed decisions about how to trade the markets.