A comprehensive wealth management strategy designed just for you.

With expertise and a disciplined approach, Schwab Wealth Advisory™ delivers a wealth management plan that covers key components of your financial life.

Managing your wealth, from investments to beyond.

In addition to helping you choose an appropriate mix of investments, your Wealth Advisor will guide you through key wealth management topics to keep you on track toward your financial goals.

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    Investment Planning

    Creating and maintaining a customized, goals-based portfolio and providing actionable recommendations that consider a broad range of investment vehicles.

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    Retirement Planning

    Assessing your retirement goals alongside your budgeting and spending habits, then making a plan for getting to—and through—retirement.

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    Tax Planning*

    Targeting tax-smart investment and planning strategies, from IRA conversions and income distributions to guidance on capital gains.

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    Estate Planning*

    Providing guidance and access to specialists on titling and beneficiary designations, executor and trustee selections, distributing assets, and charitable giving strategies.

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    Risk Management & Insurance*

    Helping you learn more about planning strategies and products and providing access to specialists in variable annuities and insurance policies that could protect you from risk.

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    Banking & Credit Management*

    Helping to connect you to specialists in borrowing, debt management, and a range of specialized lending solutions.

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    Education & Family Support

    Saving and investing plans for special needs and education goals, and guidance on tax-advantaged vehicles such as 529 plans and Coverdell ESAs Tooltip .

Our three-pillar investment philosophy.

  • Personalized

    We believe your portfolio should reflect your circumstances, goals, risk tolerances, and personal preferences.

  • Diversified

    We believe a diversified portfolio that evolves over time based on your needs and market conditions increases your likelihood of financial success.

  • Disciplined

    We believe rigorous research and selection of investments and opportunities while being mindful of cost, taxes, and other factors that impact your portfolio are essential to you achieving your goals.

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Common questions

You and your Wealth Advisor will work together to determine how often you both review your strategy, plan, and portfolio performance.

The annual fee for Schwab Wealth Advisory starts at 0.80% of assets and decreases at higher asset levels (see chart). Enrollment is for clients with minimum investable assets of $500,000. Fees are applied quarterly, and there are no withdrawal fees.

Billable Assets Fee Schedule
First $1 million 0.80%
Next $1 million (more than $1M up to $2M) 0.75%
Next $3 million (more than $2M up to $5M) 0.70%
Assets over $5 million 0.30%

You will first work with your Wealth Advisor to amend your financial plan. With your approval, your advisor will adjust your portfolio to align with your revised plan. You and your advisor may also consult with Schwab specialists for specific wealth planning or management issues.

We believe in the long-term benefits of relying on our traditional disciplines around asset allocation and diversification—even during periods of market volatility. That said, if you find your risk tolerance or long-term goals are changing, you can contact your Wealth Advisor for guidance at any time.

Questions? We're ready to help.