Protecting Senior and Vulnerable Investors

We care for our senior and vulnerable investors.

At Schwab, protecting all our clients is a top priority—whether they are new investors or have been valued clients for decades. The protection of our aging and vulnerable clients is especially important to Schwab, and we encourage you to explore the knowledge and resources provided here to ensure you and your loved ones continue to invest confidently and safely.

Who can benefit from these resources?

These resources are full of valuable information for investors of all ages, as well as their friends and families. Familiarizing yourself with topics like financial caregiving and diminished capacity can help you and your loved ones plan for any future scenario.

Explore articles full of helpful tips for you and your family.

Financial Exploitation of Older Adults: A Prevention Checklist

Use this checklist to raise awareness and educate yourself, your family, and community members.

Financial Caregiving 101

Explore the different types of caregivers and how they can help you manage your money and assets through life's journeys.

Your Guide to Choosing a Financial Caregiver

Whether you're thinking of asking a relative or a close friend, let's examine how and why to choose a financial caregiver.

Preparing for the Challenges of Aging

Learn more about the preparation process to help you and your family should you ever have diminished financial capacity.

Tools and Resources for Surviving Spouses

Supportive information to help you or a loved one navigate life after loss.

Why You Should Establish Trusted Contacts

Discover how to add a trusted contact to enhance your account's security with an additional layer of protection.

Common questions

Financial exploitation is a broad category that can range from stealing someone's Social Security check to forging financial documents and stealing assets. Victims may be reluctant to tell someone what is happening due to embarrassment or fear of straining a relationship—especially when a family member or close friend is the perpetrator. For a checklist of common financial exploitation Red Flags and resources to report exploitation, see our guide Financial Exploitation of Older Adults.

A financial caregiver is a person who can help you manage your money and other assets, as well as assist you with everyday financial matters. To learn about the different types of financial caregivers and how they can help manage your financial life, see our guide Financial Caregiving 101.

Choosing a financial caregiver is a very important decision for you and your chosen caregiver. For a guide to the traits and skills you should look for, along with a checklist to help you decide, see our guide How to Choose a Financial Caregiver.