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Taking Social Security early

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Karin M., age 62
Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania
Married, seven children between her and her husband
"We've become very economical. We don't need much to live happily."

Karin's Tips

  • Moving twice in six months, you learn you really can live without a lot of stuff.
  • Taking Social Security at age 62 means a smaller payout, but you receive your benefit over a longer period of time.


  • Downsized to enable her husband to go back to school.
  • Living with less has taught her how to be more frugal.

Back to school, back to lean times.

"I stopped working in 2007 to move to Arizona to be closer to our kids. We sold our house in Pennsylvania, paid off debts and bought in Phoenix. Then my husband was accepted to theology school; so we moved back to Pennsylvania."

Living happily with less.

"I started taking Social Security at age 62. I would have gotten more money if I'd waited, but there are advantages to taking it early. I have a 401(k). I couldn't stand watching what was happening to it, so I moved it into a CD. If I were younger, I might have let it stay. But not at this age.

"We've become very economical. We don't need much to live happily. I'm packing to move for the second time in six months. I look at something and ask, "Have I used this?" When I left Phoenix, if I hadn't used it, I sold it. I'm doing that again."

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