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Retirement consultation helps plan for "what ifs"

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Jerri W., age 57
San Diego, California
Not retired
Single, two adult children
"A good plan provides a great sense of relief."

Jerri's Tips

  • Ask for professional help when you need it.
  • Mark your calendar: Set dates to review your investments quarterly, and don't break them!
  • Use the tools Schwab provides to make sure you are on the right track.


  • A Schwab financial consultant addressed needs Jerri didn’t know she had.
  • Jerri learned how to rebalance her portfolio, and the importance of revisiting her plan regularly.
  • She walked away from the consultation with a workable, realistic investment plan.

Adjusting to reach her goals.

We checked in with Jerri a year after we first spoke with her. Big things have changed since Jerri started her investment plan a few years ago. Among them: her income, she added property to her portfolio and one of her daughters is getting married. “I knew I had a diversified portfolio, but was no longer sure it was meeting my goals,” says the single mother of two.

Asking the right questions.

She scheduled a complimentary consultation with a local financial consultant to get answers. Together, they focused primarily on rebalancing Jerri’s portfolio, moving from technology stocks, which had done well, to investments that had more growth potential. Next, she was introduced to the Retirement Planner, an easy-to-use, online tool that lets her run various “What if?” scenarios: What if I retire earlier or later? What if I save more? What if I get a lump sum to invest? “Now I can see what in my portfolio might change if my circumstances change,” says Jerri.

Feeling confident and motivated.

“I left the meeting with specific actions to take and a plan that I can manage,” Jerri says. She intends to check on her investments quarterly and revise her plan annually, if necessary. “I will move ahead using the tools that Schwab offers—and schedule another consultation when I need advice.”

Take the Next Step.

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