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Taking advantage of long-term care insurance

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Edna S., age 64
Washington, D.C.
Married, no children
"Before I retired, I did a major reallocation, moving investments into safer funds."

Edna's Tips

  • "Monitor the market, but don't make investment decisions in the moment."
  • "Keep some of your portfolio in cash, to take advantage of market dips."
  • "When you get a raise, increase your 401(k) contribution. It's painless saving."


  • Edna likes to maintain a little risk in her portfolio; 25% is still in stocks.
  • She and her husband purchased long-term health care insurance through his employer.

Edna is enjoying retirement while remaining vigilant about her health care and financial independence.

"I worked in health care sales and marketing for over 30 years. 2006 was my best year financially. It gave me the opportunity to do a number of things that were on the back burner, and the confidence to retire."

Staying vigilant about her investments.

"I've always assessed my investments annually to see how I've done. Now, only 25% of my retirement fund is still on the riskier, growth side. Managing my investments has given me the capabilities I'd need to take care of myself should something happen to my husband.

Heath care is an issue. I have a chronic condition; however, I'm exercising on a routine basis and remain active. Knowing the health care costs can be overwhelming, we bought long-term health insurance when it was first offered by my husband's employer almost seven years ago — a smart move."

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