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Planning for personal and financial health in retirement

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Rona S., age 58
Cummins, Georgia
Not retired
Married, no children
"You can choose whether to go on vacation. You can't choose whether to have surgery."

Rona's Tips

  • Staying realistic about your finances will eliminate potential disappointments.
  • Your health could become your biggest expense. Guard it with your life!
  • Medicare could change over the next decade. Budget for possible gaps in your coverage.


  • Adopting a conservative income plan and predicting expenses whenever possible.
  • Moderating future health concerns with regular exercise.

Rona is funding retirement from multiple sources of income.

"We plan to fund retirement 50% from tax-deferred accounts, 20% from Social Security, and 20% from a pension. I'm trying to understand what our expenses will be. Until you know that, you can't have a good handle on retirement."

Her biggest concern: the unknowns associated with medical expenses.

"The biggest challenge of retirement planning is not knowing our medical expenses. You can choose whether to go on vacation, but you can't choose whether to have surgery. Large medical bills could change things dramatically.

"So we've been guarding our health. We have both adopted a daily exercise routine, so we're doing something physical six days a week. We have always exercised, but we were a lot less rigorous about it. Now we do it whether we want to or not."

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