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Health issues force early retirement

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Charles R., age 64
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Married, no children
"We went from a six-figure income to a zero-income figure in 18 months."

Charles's Tips

  • To retire early, retire debt-free.
  • Find out if you qualify for private health insurance before you retire.
  • University towns offer a lot of activities for a low cost.


  • Charles retired at the age of 49 to preserve his health.
  • Charles and his wife are enjoying a low-key, low-stress lifestyle.

Dialing down the spending.

"I was 46 when my doctor told me that if I didn't change my lifestyle, I wouldn't live much longer. I was VP of sales for an oil services company; it was a 24/7 job. My wife and I decided to become debt-free, and then I would stop working. It took us 18 months."

Growing wiser, together.

"My wife and I moved to Mississippi. The cost of living is low. Neither of us worked for a while. Our savings have generated income, and over the years, we've managed our money well. I took courses at the local university and learned to be a master gardener.

"Our greatest problem has been health insurance. I didn't qualify for private insurance because of health problems; I didn't expect that. After I had a massive heart attack in 1992, my wife went back to work, at a hospital. The money is incidental; she gets good medical insurance."

Take the Next Step.

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