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Retirement & Planning

Real Life Retirement™ Services

Focusing on investments to retire on track

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Herb R., age 63
Escondido, CA
Married, 3 grown children
"I like having control of my retirement funds, now that I have time to focus on them."

Herb's Tips

  • "Monitor the market, but don't make investment decisions in the moment."
  • "Keep some of your portfolio in cash, to take advantage of market dips."
  • "When you get a raise, increase your 401(k) contribution. It's painless saving."


  • Retired then took a contract position with his company; continues to save with SEP-IRA
  • Slow, steady contributions to 401(k) throughout career have given him a hefty retirement fund

Taking charge of his investments

"I retired from my job as an aerospace engineer a few years ago, but I continue to work a few days a week as a consultant for the company. This gives me time to manage my investments. I'm enjoying it."

Self-reliance and reflection are essential.

"When my wife, who is a teacher, decides to retire, that's when I will stop working. Until then, I am trying to find the right mix of stocks, cash and other funds for our life in retirement. Rebalancing my portfolio and reducing the number of stocks I own to a more manageable number are priorities. I also like the idea of money market funds or laddering CDs to produce income for many years to come. I have the time now to research and try some investment strategies. By the time I'm 66, when I will definitely retire, I should have it figured out."

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