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Schwab MarketTrack Portfolios

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The Schwab MarketTrack Portfolios® combine Fundamental Index1 and market-cap index strategies, each with a different mix of diverse investments allowing you to choose a portfolio that best matches your risk tolerance and goals.

Why two types of index strategies?

While both Market-Cap and Fundamental Index funds offer cost-effective exposure to virtually every segment of the market, they tend to favor different types of companies.

Market-cap indexes skew toward large companies while fundamental indexes give more weight to companies on the basis of adjusted sales, operating cash flows, and dividends. Combining the two strategies can provide additional diversification.

Choose the portfolio that best matches your risk level.

Four portfolios offer a choice of asset allocations with varying levels of potential risk. Simply choose the portfolio that best suits your risk tolerance.

  • Combines Fundamental Index and Market-cap strategies plus asset allocation in a single portfolio
  • Offers diversification across major segments of the U.S. stock market, plus international exposure
  • Automatic rebalancing helps keep your portfolio aligned with your target risk level

Compare MarketTrack Portfolios

  • Compare
  • Schwab MarketTrack
    All Equity Portfolio

    SWEGX Trade

    Target Asset Allocation *

    • 45% U.S. Large-Cap
    • 25% U.S. Small-Cap
    • 20% International Large-Cap
    • 5%     International Small-Cap
    • 5%     Emerging Markets
    • Seeks high capital growth through an all-stock portfolio
    • Invests in U.S., international, and emerging market strategies through underlying mutual funds
    • Designed for investors with longer time horizons and more tolerance for risk
  • Schwab MarketTrack
    Growth Portfolio

    SWHGX Trade

    Target Asset Allocation *

    • 40% U.S. Large-Cap
    • 20% U.S. Small-Cap
    • 13.3% International Large-Cap
    • 3.3%  International Small-Cap
    • 3.3%  Emerging Markets
    • 15% Intermediate Bonds
    • 5% Cash Equivalents
    • Seeks high capital growth with less volatility than an all-stock portfolio
    • Invests 80% in U.S., international, and emerging market strategies through underlying mutual funds
    • Designed to cushion volatility with investment in 20% fixed income and cash and cash equivalents
  • Schwab MarketTrack
    Balanced Portfolio

    SWBGX Trade

    Target Asset Allocation *

    • 30% U.S. Large-Cap
    • 15% U.S. Small-Cap
    • 10% International Large-Cap
    • 2.5%  International Small-Cap
    • 2.5%  Emerging Markets
    • 35% Intermediate Bonds
    • 5% Cash Equivalents
    • Seeks both capital growth and income
    • Invests 60% in equity and 40% with fixed income strategies through underlying mutual funds
    • Designed for medium-term investors or those who want lower volatility
  • Schwab MarketTrack
    Conservative Portfolio

    SWCGX Trade

    Target Asset Allocation *

    • 20% U.S. Large-Cap
    • 10% U.S. Small-Cap 
    • 6.7% International Large-Cap
    • 1.7%  International Small-Cap
    • 1.7%  Emergining Markets
    • 55% Intermediate Bonds
    • 5% Cash Equivalents
    • Seeks income and more growth potential than an all-bond portfolio
    • Least volatile of the Schwab MarketTrack Portfolios
    • Designed for investors with shorter time horizons and less tolerance for risk

MarketTrack Portfolios Basic Information:

Fund Name Symbol Minimum Initial Investment Net Expense Ratio*
All-Equity Portfolio SWEGX $0 0.53%
Growth Portfolio SWHGX $0 0.52%
Balanced Portfolio SWBGX $0 0.50%
Conservative Portfolio SWCGX $0 0.50%

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