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Schwab Charitable

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Structure your charitable giving with a simple, tax-smart investment solution of a donor-advised fund account. Offered by Schwab Charitable™, an independent 501(c)(3) organization, you can use a Schwab Charitable account to support the causes that mean the most to you today and to leave a legacy of giving.

What are the fees and account minimums?

  • Schwab Charitable account minimums: $5,000 for a core account; $250,000 for a professionally-managed account
  • For complete details, see Schwab Charitable's pricing and account minimums

What are the advantages of a Schwab Charitable account?

A Schwab Charitable donor-advised fund account offers a uniquely flexible way to manage your charitable giving. With this account, you can:

  • Realize same-year tax benefits if you itemize deductions
  • Potentially eliminate capital gains tax on the contribution of appreciated non-cash assets1 and investments
  • Give when it is convenient and meets your charitable goals
  • Manage your giving online
  • Create a lasting charitable legacy

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