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Whether you are getting started or looking to learn advanced strategies, these steps can help you get more out of your options trading experience at Schwab.

1. Looking to trade options? Open an account and apply for options approval.

  • Start by opening an account online

    Get specialized research and trading tools plus award-winning support.

  • Have an account? Apply for options approval

    Log in and apply online for the strategies you’re interested in.

  • Already approved to trade options?

    You can trade options online for just $0.65 per contract fee—no base commission.1

2. Get educated on options trading strategies.

Learn options trading basics, options characteristics, and strategies designed to help you meet your goals. Clients: Log in to explore our full options learning path.

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    Pick up the basics of options trading

    Examine general options trading objectives, basic strategies, and key steps involved.

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    Develop an approach to trading options

    From determining your objective to preparing and managing your trade, learn key aspects of options trading.

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    Pick up new options trading strategies

    Learn which strategies align with various trading objectives.

3. Explore Schwab's options platforms and tools.

Schwab provides you with a variety of options trading solutions, from the convenience of web trading to an advanced platform with specialized options tools to the flexibility of an app for trading on the go. Try one or try them all and choose what's best for you.


    Blue and white trading dashboard

    Trade options in one streamlined place on—with all your trading tools, data, and market details in a single dashboard.

  • StreetSmart Edge®

    StreetSmart Edge trading dashboard

    Schwab's most advanced trading platform offers built-in options trading tools and customizable features that align with the way you think about trading. Available as downloadable software or via the Cloud.

  • Schwab Mobile

    Schwab's mobile app on tablet and smart phone

    Manage your options positions, view charts, place trades, and check order status from anywhere with the Schwab Mobile app.


Find specialized options trading tools in StreetSmart Edge to help you find, evaluate, and execute options trade ideas.

  • Idea Hub™

    Schwab’s Idea Hub dashboard

    Explore hundreds of options of potential trade ideas based on volatility, earnings, and income—packaged in easy-to-search categories.

  • Walk Limit®

    Schwab's Walk Limit dashboard

    Eliminate the time-consuming process of manually modifying options limit orders to try to get the best fill price with this automated tool.

  • Trade Calculator

    Schwab's Trade Calculator and graph display

    Check the margin requirement on an option trade with this easy-to-use calculator.

4. Access ongoing options education and insights.

Get professional market commentary, perspectives, and trading knowledge from Schwab specialists.

  • Today's Options Market Update

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    Stay on top of the latest options and market action.

  • Schwab Live Daily

    Schwab Live Daily cast sitting at a table with laptops and coffee mugs

    Sharpen your options trading skills with live online insights and commentary.

  • Options Education

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    Read our latest articles about options topics and strategies.

5. Get live specialist support when you need it.

Our Options Specialists team is dedicated to using its decades of trading experience to help you evaluate and implement your options strategies. 


Clients: Have a specific question?

Our Options Specialists are available 8:30am – 5:00pm ET Monday through Friday at 877-594-6324.

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