thinkorswim web

Get a more streamlined thinkorswim experience.

With no download required, thinkorswim® web takes the essential tools from thinkorswim desktop and makes them easy to access and even easier to learn.

Intuitive interface that prioritizes speed and convenience.

Market access anywhere you have an internet connection.

Great for equities and options trading.

Web-based features optimized for action.

thinkorswim web takes critical trading tools from the desktop platform and makes them accessible from one screen, so you can make more informed decisions quickly.

Tools and features.

Essential tools

Streamlined thinkorswim experience
Since the application is powered by thinkorswim, you get the full power of an advanced trading platform and its many features but in a more intuitive, streamlined workflow. Ultimately, it's a trading process that's simplified and fast.

Clutter-free interface
Have access to essential trading tools front and center, including preconfigured strategies that allow you to set up trades in just a click—so that you can quickly strike whenever the moment arises.


Tabless navigation
When you create an order, the trade ticket appears in the same window, along with a profit/loss graph, so you can see which direction the security needs to move—and to what price—for your trade to be profitable.

Easy access
Log in to your trading platform from anywhere, on any connected device—without ever having to download any software.

Enhanced monitoring

Robust indicators, studies, and drawing tools
Analyze your charts with built-in drawing tools, explore a library of hundreds of studies to back-test decisions, identify price patterns early, and more.

Popular watchlists from industry pros
Plan your positions in advance with watchlists based on your own criteria or using built-in lists based on third-party analyst ratings and other categories.


Optimized for options trading
Whether you're making your first options trade or you're a veteran options trader, your positions are easy to read and analyze on thinkorswim web. You can place trades more quickly and intelligently, plus build an option spread right from the chain.

Options Statistics
Our proprietary Sizzle Index™ quickly compares the day's movements against the five-day average volume and volatility, so you can easily spot unusual conditions.

Side-by-Side Risk Profile and Chart Tool
This streamlined version of the Analyze tab on thinkorswim desktop helps you monitor one or multiple options positions with the Side-by-Side Risk Profile and Chart Tool and get a graphical representation of how time and price affect your positions.

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Practice trading on thinkorswim with paperMoney.

Built in to all thinkorswim platforms, paperMoney®1 is a virtual trading environment that allows you to test and refine strategies in a live market simulation—using many thinkorswim tools and features.

Screenshot showing the virtual trading environment on paperMoney

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Real support from real traders.

Get platform, product, and trading strategy support from a Trade Desk team of trading specialists.

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Trade listed equities online for $0 commission and options for $0.65 per contract.2

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