Learn about options trading, from how to place your first options trade to more advanced topics. Or explore other trading topics:

Collaring Your Stock for Temporary Protection

Downturns are a natural part of any market. Learn how a collar strategy—a covered call and a protective put—might be a way to manage stock risk.

Options Expiration: Definitions, a Checklist, & More

Managing options positions on expiration day requires an understanding of the process. Here's an overview of things you should know about options expiration.

Options Strategies: Covered Calls & Covered Puts

Learn the basics of covered calls and covered puts, and when to use them to manage your risks when trading options.

Reducing Risk with a Credit Spread Options Strategy

Learn how credit spreads allow you to swap a limited amount of profit potential for the opportunity to reduce risk.

Option Strategy Spotlight: Long Call vs. Bull Call Spread

With so many bullish options strategies to choose from, how do you know which is right for your next trade? In this article, we'll compare two bullish options strategies in order to assist you with the decision-making process.

Common Pitfalls for New Options Traders

When it comes to options trading, education and awareness are important for establishing a strong foundation. Consider these common mistakes that traders often encounter.

Calculating Potential Profit and Loss on Options

Want to calculate potential profit and loss levels on an options strategy? Find out how our options calculator works.

Get to Know the Option Greeks

Learn how option Greeks can help you evaluate the risks and rewards of options contracts.

Managing Cash-Secured Equity Puts

CSEPs may generate short-term income or enable purchase of desired stocks at a favorable price. Know what to do if the CSEP doesn't work out as planned.

Options Strategies for Rising Interest Rates

Which options strategies should you consider in a rising interest rate environment?