Fundamental Analysis

Examine economic and financial factors to estimate a security's value. Or explore other trading topics:

Discounted Cash Flow and Stock Intrinsic Value

Discounted cash flow is one way to measure a company's intrinsic value. But it's a balance of science and art.

Understanding Growth Stock Data Trends

A potential growth stock should have a record of strong historical growth. Learn how you can often gain deeper insight by looking at a stock's actual data trends over time.

How to Tell a Good Stock from a Bad Stock

Learn how to tell if a stock is a good or bad investment by looking at fundamentals, trends, and stock charts so you can build a healthy stock portfolio.

Time to Return to Fundamentals?

Fundamentally weighted indexing could help your portfolio ride out market turbulence.

Trading in an Uncertain Market

When the market takes a turn, traders may want to go back to basics.

How to Pick Stocks Using Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Find out how you can use these two stock-picking strategies together.

Trading Tools: Combining Indicators

Find out how you can how you can bring several technical and fundamental indicators together to help you decide which stocks to trade and which to avoid.

Trading Up-Close: Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis and technical analysis strategies both have followings among traders. But you don't have to limit yourself to just one. Learn how you can combine them to get a better all-around view of the markets.

Trading Up-Close: Using Fundamental Analysis

Joe Mazzola looks at fundamental analysis and how traders can use it to assess the value of equities and compare them to others in the same industry or sector.

What is P/E Ratio?

Price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) provides a great starting point when evaluating stocks.