Understand returns on your investments over time and how they're contributing to your goals.

Using the Sortino Ratio to Gauge Downside Risk

The Sortino ratio focuses only on the downside risk of a portfolio, which is what short-term investors may want if they've got a short-term goal. The higher the Sortino ratio, the better the risk-adjusted return.

How's That Fund Doing? Check the Information Ratio

Want to cut through the noise on fund performance? The Information ratio can help you identify funds—and fund managers—who may be outperforming their peers.

How to Use Direct Indexing as a Tax Strategy

Direct indexing gives you access to the underlying stocks in your portfolio, allowing you to grab potential tax-loss harvesting opportunities.

Does Market Timing Work?

We ran the numbers on market timing. Our findings? There's a high cost to waiting for the best entry point.

How Index Funds Could Beat Hedge Funds over Time

Warren Buffett bet $1,000,000 that an index fund would perform better than hedge funds. See how an S&P 500® index fund stacked up against a hedge fund manager's selections.