Trading Up-Close: Short Selling Strategies

August 31, 2020
Find out how you can use Simple Moving Averages to identify potential short selling opportunities.

There are various tools traders can use to identify potential short selling candidates. Learn how using Simple Moving Averages can help narrow down stocks that might be headed for a downtrend.

Trading Up-Close: Short Selling Strategies

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Today's Options Market Update

Stocks are modestly higher today which is being led by a tech rebound.

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The July Henry Hub Natural Gas contract (NGN23) traded at 2.336, up .074 points in afternoon trading on Wednesday. Natural gas traded as high as 2.346 on Wednesday following the last several days’ positive weather reports. This marks the 4th consecutive trading day of gains and the highest closing price since May 31st.

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How to use S&P 500 put options for downside portfolio protection when concerns over an event-driven sell-off are elevated.

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